Silage stretch films

PW masterbatch
Silage stretch films

Standard application profile & requirements

  • 15 to 25µm film thickness
  • Blown film extrusion mainly in Europe, USA, and Canada
  • Cast film extrusion mainly in Middle East, Africa, APAC, LATAM and Mexico
  • 3 and 5 layers coextruded structures
  • Involves as well Anti-UV & color masterbatches
  • Main cling solutions: PIB in masterbatch, liquid PIB and polyolefin elastomer

Required performances impacted by a cling solution

  • Fast cling development to quickly deliver cling performances
  • Strong peel cling stregth properties to prevent unwrapping
  • High noise level to allow farmes working while not necessary watching the process but hearing it
  • Good tack and retack properties to unwrap manually and wrap again
  • Slow cling development to strengthen cling performances over time during season(s)
  • Strong lap cling strength for inter-cohesion of film layers
  • Puncture resistance to prevent holes & tearing
  • O2 permeability resistance for high nutritional values. It is important to create a closed space and not permitting O2 to enter the bale

Selection of to grades / Scenari

Cling masterbatch
  • To use in stand alone
  • Worlwide reference market leader of cling masterbatch
  • Best in class solution vs alternative technologies
Cling masterbatch
  • To use in combination with liquid PIB
  • Peel & noise booster
  • Bring slow cling development / ensure clingability of the system on long term
PW for silage stretch films
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  • Cling performances
  • Peel strength
  • Lap clig performance
  • O2 permeability resistance
  • Puncture resistance
  • vs liquid PIB
  • vs polyolefin elastomer
  • market expectations
  • customer’s feedback

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